They tell you all it takes is hard work.
But everyone of us knows that ain’t the truth.
At least not all of it.
Life takes so many things from your being, and every experiences creates a new you.

You have to have it in spades.
To have the positivity to know no matter how many thousands of times you fall, there is a way up.
Because after you have climbed from the bottom of each pit of circumstance, of life happening, after you’ve put each broken sharp painful, agonizing piece back together
and it is shattered, destroyed and obliterated over and over again
no matter your gumption or perseverance
It starts to eat at your soul like maggots on flesh

That’s why only the strongest make it
That’s the way the world is
Haven’t you heard, the survival of the fittest
Don’t you know, the successful were once the many times broken
until they found the best way to put themselves, to hold themselves, to be themselves
Many are cold and unfeeling
it’s just easier
And they have failed
they have lost the soul of life
but the lucky ones figure it out and still have their soul
They still have deep feelings, are able to experience more pain and know there is still good
know happiness is possible but not easy
Able to see the soft velvet on rose, or the varying shades of glorifying sunset
To feel deep love after their heart has been repeatedly shredded
To know how to love right
To have figured it out

Able to laugh and play with a child just to see a smile and bring someone a glimmer of joy
They have found they are most fulfilled with purpose and understanding the glass half full
There is still light in the morning
There is always a way
They know how to be stronger and get back up

But the world it drags at our souls
Drugs, intoxicating and full of fake ecstasy pull at our minds
Sex, fulfilling the need for love, only to be as empty and cold as the sheets in the morning
TV and movies telling us what to think and feel, what to expect
so our brains are mush and most of us can’t even think for ourselves without a Perception that has been implanted spilling from our lips and thoughts
Beauty a fake sense of confidence that withers into loneliness and ill health, pain and discomfort
Money which taunts and promises but does not keep its word, always requiring more, and never being enough
The idols of the cold hard world

From just bullshit happening, on its own or by your own poor choices
You have to feel the pain, every time you think you’re moving up you get pushed down, Dragged to the bottom of the pain in your soul, the desire to be bigger, and better
The lack ringing like a siren reminding you of your limited time warranty in this life
most people drown

But you have to learn how to swim, and if your not fish
learn how to breathe, learn how to climb, and learn how to fly
That’s why God made different environments for different life
because if you can keep your soul, and feel the bad and beautiful good
The pain will be worth it
Find your purpose and give your life
Give it everything, but don’t lose your soul or it wont be worth it
you’ll be the majority
learn to survive
Don’t Drown


Photography @ol_manolo

Written By: Writerreyes


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