Sneak Peak to the Next Michevangelo

Pain creates the ability to see the light, and mold you more truely to who you are meant to be. Everyone struggles with identity at some point in their life. Questions about who you really are,  what your purpose is, and whether your good or bad seem to never truely go away. These questions leave most of us wondering what the point of everything, of life is. As an artist emotions heighten our artistic talent and make our music, art, writing, images more relatable, more real, because, everyone feels. Whether they acknowledge it or not. Most of us have a good side, and a not so good side. Some call it bad. And some just call it shame or poor choices. Often after these situations occur we try to reject the notion that we would do something so wrong. But we did. So it is a part of who we are, we simply have to choose how to deal with it.

Thoughts by Writerreyes ———— Inspired by Interview with Evangelo Morris the 2nd.

( @imevangelo )

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