Meet Jeremiah and Chael

Chael “We want to be consistent and firm, but also spontaneous so we have any song ready to go at all times, so that at any moment, you can get a performance.”

The clang of two folding chairs banged back to back rattles the audience. A mic stand is placed and adjusted in front of each chair, in addition to a single mic standing bare in a pool of light next to the audience. The idea creating versatile options for where to rap specific messages. (group name) has different sets, often using multiple outfits for each song. Sometimes they are unable to do this due to time constraints and energy, causing them to modify their performance for that night. Often the music is created to go with the outfit changes of their “alter-egos”. believes in setting up the stage in a dramatic way so people start thinking about what you are going to do before you even start. You have to draw their attention and pique their visual curiosity from the beginning.

The leading song performed this way is called 97/98, Jeremiah was born 97, and Chael 98. The individual mics represent their individual stories, and the mic in front of the crowd represents the forming of the group.

Jeremiah says ” I don’t feel the need to rehearse because when you are in the shower, singing, you do everything you would do when performing without thinking about it. When you actually do it purposely you become self conscious and try to create a performance version of it, even though you already know what to do naturally. Know your verse, so you can be free.”

Chael “We trust each other to practice individually, repeat, and beat into our own heads our individual parts, so yea, when we are together, it just flows.”

Check Out :  @chaelblinya @jwoodysfe09 

Written By:Writerreyes

Photo By: @scorpio.b

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