Walk Your Talk! Make a Scene with Mr. Tone Kapone & Get Known

Mr. Tone Kapone, Host & HipHop artist straight out of the heart of Kansas, loyal soldier of Tampa Bay Music, rapper and promoter to the core. One of his gigs is what YOU want to score. Are you ready to perform?

    Tone Kapone started out as a hip hop artist performing and recording his rap inspirations starting in 2005. His music can be found on all streaming sites and at http://www.tone-kapone.com. A hit you may be familiar with is(Other Side Of Town or Toast 2 Life.

    Mr. Kapone hosts two main events monthly with Dj Spaceship, The Elements in St. Petersburg, FL, every 1st Saturday, and Ignite the Night in Ybor City, Tampa, every 3rd Sunday. While Fubar, the once trendy scene for hip hop artists and location of the monthly Elements show has been shutdown; Ignite the Night continues with all the power of the artistic, fighting for their right to be heard. The Elements Showcase will not die but only slumbers until another venue with equal resonance can be found.

    Tone has been hosting for 5 years, starting by creating his own events and promoting his own music. Mr. Tone Kapone truly cares and chooses select artists after listening and watching their other performances; only allowing artists on his stage if he thinks they are truly dope. This host doesn’t charge artists to perform, so why not take that chance to get known?

One of Mr. Tone Kapones best events was a album release for Joshua Cruz, a St. Pete R&B singer, which had the venue popping from wall to wall; everyone was showing mad love and the artistic vibrations were on point that night.

    The key to finding a venue is feeling out different events to determine which vibe matches what you are seeking. In lieu, network; discuss each night of the week’s turnout rates with venue managers and what seems to draw the type of crowd you are looking for most. “Meet people, talk to people, get to know the scene you want to join and create. Chop it up and make business out of it.” Mr. Tone Kapone prompts.

    Tone Kapone believes St. Pete has its own sound, with a more 90’s Golden Era Hip Hop vibe while Tampa is a true melting pot of mixed talent. Tone has noticed a solid division between Tampa and St. Petersburg fans, and labors to make local artists of both scenes visible and take a stand. To make something more of their music they have longed to perform, and add to what he believes the Tampa Bay music scene should be. Tone Kapone is one who walks his talk and puts his money where his mouth is. Taking action and creating a platform for different talent to be seen, and experienced more as a whole hip hop scene. To vibe and connect with other artists who share the same passion and know what you got, is something real and worth grasping, to feel apart of what makes you feel alive.   

While Tone Kapone may be thrown off by the developments in St. Pete which is hindering his music scene, he is a fan of the Waterfront project, and The Ybor Arena due to the spotlight this will put on artists and the people these changes will draw to the Tampa Music scene. He still does not standby the justification for the way some people, especially  those in the more “hood” areas, are being dispelled from their homes and lifestyles. He says it’s all about money, not people. Mr. Tone Kapone reflects the atmosphere of the country is all about money and not the citizens who make it up, and believes this is due to the president; openly showing his disgust for Donald Trump. “He is disrespectful, a button pusher, and the opposite of the prime example of what an American President should be. He is against minorities, and women, and our country is failing because of him and the bigotry, money hungry mentality he promotes.”

    Mr. Tone Kapone advises those with similar dreams as a event host or local artist looking to make their music known to regulate events. Get out and about the city, there is so much going on in Tampa Bay and once you find your scene you’ll know where to start. While social media; instagram , and facebook, may be a factor in today’s social society, you cannot make history just behind a computer screen. It’s advisable to watch other artists on scene to get a better feel for the crowds, and truly be a part of what you say you want to be a part of. Walk, your talk.

    Tone emphasizes, “My vision is just that I would like to leave my fingerprints on everything I am doing, so if I am hosting someone else’s event, I will make sure everything runs smoothly. I want to make sure there is some wityness in there, some jokes to keep everything on point. Mr. Tone Kapone’s events are expected to be top notch, official, and I plan to keep it like that”.

Come check out that exact vibe at one of his monthly events, such as Ignite Night (every 3rd Sunday), enjoy good vibes, local talented artists, and a experience you will never forget. Next up “Open Mic Night” March 17th at 5 Star Dive Bar, 7pm…show up on time and network towards your dreams. @mrtonekapone

Written By: Writerreyes

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