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Live, Laugh, Love, anddddd CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! This phrase has been used in so many ways and different situations, but no one has used the vibe like CHILL the Poet, a outstanding spoken word artist, poet, and occasional host.

Chill claims to be an introvert, prefering to keep his life private, and may have been, before he fell in love with mantra of the crowd; stating it is the reason he decided to perform on a professional level. What he had always perceived as just scribblings of his own pain and experiences were as telling as the bell of liberty, ringing true deep within many listening souls. Chill touches on topics such as mental illness, depression, single parent household childhood experiences, and God. He is exceptionally well known for his mastermind erotica. Stepping back, Chill recalls watching the movie ATL featuring T.I. and noted Big Rube, who preached some spoken word about real life experiences, appealing to young Chill; giving him a standard to hold himself to as he stepped into his future.

From forensic scientist, to car salesman to poet, Chill is on the path of entrepreneurship, eager to have control of his own future. Chill is a big fan of HDTV and while he is interested in becoming a house flipper, often thinks about different careers he could pursue. Not unlike many others, he focuses on this talent that flames his life passion, but, explores opportunities for a future BOSS life, testing his abilities according to the pitch. Chill watches Youtube videos such as Def Poetry for tips about how he can improve his budding craft.

Chill writes about how he has only seen his father a few times in his entire life, and when he did, the man was always high. This only led him to feel his biological father was just too lazy to raise Chill. Many relate to this, and are surprised he revealed something so personal.

“These experiences allow me to put more pain into my writing and help others relate more closely. I can’t write about it unless I feel it. So if it’s something that really hits home whether its love, or any other life experiences, you may hear me talk about it. I’m not a typical poet. I’m not out here trying to do slams or be the most metaphoric; I’m giving it to you my way(#thechillway). You’re going to here my sling, like the slang from where I’m from, and you may respond like woah, I can relate to that because he’s talking regular. I’m not using big fancy words, if it comes, it comes. You ARE going to feel it. You will feel the realness when it hits home for you, the same way it did for me.” Chill explains. Chill is from Virginia but claims Tampa, having spent most of his life in the city.

Chill will soon be traveling across the country, appearing in different states as events are made available to him; getting his name to mean more than a way to relax or just a adjective for a cool drink on ANOTHER soda commercial. Chill faces this goal by connecting with his network of people, and making new relationships as necessity deems. He charts his expectations, dates, event performances, and goals across a spreadsheet to organize and keep aware of his availability and schedule expectations.

Chill speaks very highly of his mother and beautiful girlfriend, who are supporting his Spoken Word career, and pushing him to come out of his shell. Chill’s childhood included babysitting his 2 younger siblings while his mother worked to provide food and shelter; leaving him without the love so needed in the adolescent years despite the heartfelt attempts. Chill speaks on this in his poetry, stating he needs all the love he can get from a significant other due to his upbringing.  Chill’s girlfriend Star is a genuine poet herself, providing the support system Chill so needs;offering inspiration, a strong shoulder to rest upon, and a keen ear to give him the necessary feedback to lead him to the stage. Here’s another experience, many have felt, rage about, and maybe, have yet to truly admit to themselves. Chill says to express,and listen to his art;find a way to come out of so much self doubt.

Chill aims for his poetry to help others dealing with hardships such as depression and mental illness to use writing as a way to express themselves. At the very minimum Chill hopes his fans will find an oulet for their pain such as art, or music because it is an outstanding release and much needed. He feels this will help empty negative emotions as well as make those suffering feel heard. Chill says, “Be yourself and Be great at It”.

“I don’t need fame, I don’t need to be rich, I just want to have a platform where I can share my message and people can say, there’s Chill! What a dope poet! That’s why I feel happiness is living your purpose, discovering what your purpose is in the world. It’s not necessarily about having a certain amount of money or a certain amount of things. Find what makes you happy and live in it,” Chill continues.

Hard Work, loyalty, and honesty are critical to Chill. Another Chill phrase is “Keep it One-K”, where he emphasizes the value of honesty saying, “Keep everything One-K in your business, in your family, and really all around the board. There’s no reason to lie to me and I won’t lie to you. “

As previously mentioned Chill has always considered himself an introvert, preferring to keep to himself and his crowd. Now Chill reflects on his growing understanding of himself and life as a whole, displaying obvious progression as he admits to despising the idea of not having a network of support, but feeds off the energy of others; as they gorge on the feast of simple, explosive and relatable spoken word.

Chill encourages others who are interested in becoming a written or spoken word poet to just start!Don’t be worried whether you’re following a certain template or being like someone else. Chill presses, ” Your first poem is not going to be the best in the world. But it will be yours, and once you start you will find your own flow. Be yourself! Honestly, I have found these ‘slam poets’, who are always with the serious current event kind of poems drown out the people who just want to write about regular things. So I encourage people to write about what you want to write about don’t follow the social norm, do what you want to do, and be yourself. “

Chill recommends other artists building a fanbase and working toward a professional career to focus on not only performance opportunities but also social media. ” Everyone is on social media. Everything that is poppin is on social media. People are constantly in their phones looking to see what’s up and who’s new. It’s definitely an outlet and helps you reach the people who can’t make it to live performances, and open mic  nights. It gives the chance for them to see your art on a platform where they can say oooh I can relate to that, I like that, and follow you because of it. “

Chill ain’t playing no games, when he comes with the bars he’s comes in so hardcore and hot, before the third verse everyone’s already yelling “CHIILLLLLL”. But I guess that’s the affect you spill when you’re spitting the real. Chill can often be found at different open mics around the city such as SmokenWords, every thursday night 9pm, or showcases such as Live, Love and Laugh, with performance dates available on his instagram @chillthepoet. If you haven’t heard this poet’s soul speaking spoken word, come catch feelings and hear something unlike anything else you have ever heard.

Written By: Writerreyes

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