“Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming: Miah Bouji Interview with Nakedly Underconstruction”

Female Rappers are always fighting for the top! MiahBouji is climbing the ladder of success, adding a little spice to her musical latte by creating her own entertainment company, Bouji Entertainment, started 2018.

In fact 2018 was the start of it all, as she quit her high paying 9-5 job as insurance CSR, and dove into the music industry.  “Music is what I love, and when things kept not working in the corporate industry, I knew it was because I wasn’t doing what I love. Music is what I love,” Bouji repeats simply. Miah initially started rapping in high school, 10 years ago, and has always known she was going to be a rapper, but only recently stopped caring what everyone else cared about i.e. their opinion about her skills and life pursuits.

When asked what she had done to achieve her goals, Bouji’s automatic response is “What haven’t I done?” LOL, shouldn’t that be true of all of us? Miah continues on to admit to have heartbreakingly sacrificed time with her 5 year old son, often having to hire a babysitter while she promotes her and others music on the scene.

As a child growing up she was well known by neighborhood mothers for her small in-house rap performances.  She was thick into doubledutch and softball, and was eager to try any new opportunity she could get her hands on.

It may come as a surprise this woman considers herself shy and as such, writes and profusely practices ahead of time; easily stating freestyle is not her game. Miah’s creative space for inspiration is the feel of warm sand shifting under tired feet, the sound of crashing waves lapping the seashell covered shore, the wind teasing of things to come, and a view which emphasizes a million possibilities.

“I have everything to offer, my sound is different. I’m not trying to sound like anyone else, I love that I can’t be compared to someone else because my sound is original. People are always trying to figure out who I sound like and they can’t, and I love that. That means it’s all me and completely unique. I have something fresh to provide to the world,” Miah announces confidently.

Miah Bouji feels it is a hard battle to find genuine music professionals to build a career with, and in turn decided to create a business that would have this appeal; as she knows what it is like to be road blocked or have promises broken. Miah is striving to create opportunity for others chasing their musical dreams as hard as she is. Bouji Entertainment promotes, manages, and provides transportation to events. Miah Bouji says, ” While yes, all artists are always competing, I feel if one of us wins, we all win at the end of the day.”

Miah Bouji’s #1 song is “Bags” which she is currently promoting at live events, while working on compiling cover art and a music video for the hit behind the scenes. Go check it out, if you know what it’s like to chase money within your dream and battle for success, clue in to this song that hits home, which is available on all music platforms.

Upcoming events to check out this unique sound and meet charming Miah Bouji are listed on her instagram @miahbouji, @boujiebtertainment, @the_bouji_wave

Written By:Writerreyes

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