I’m sure you’ve heard in life,

That there’s many seperate paths that you can take.

Different choices you can make.

Built-in Signals and signs with a handy dandy manual guide.

If you don’t use them, and choose them but choose your own way,

you are in for one hell of a ride.

I swear, if someone in this city would just use their frigging turn signals.

I can’t stand, how in florida, it seems no one knows how to signal.

People scream and rage at you for forcing your way in after 10 solid minutes of that clicking sound, indicating where you need to go while make a huge din.

As if it’s a question instead of warning of what’s about to become

So when you are forced to squeeze, and edge into their lane it throws them off their intended game

Like they couldn’t have anticipated your turn by the flashing of the light from your rear

Nagging and indicating your about to switch gears

Or the fury you feel as you have to slam on your breaks, as yet another switches lanes without warning, challenging your fate

You can’t help but wonder who taught them to drive?

Don’t they know the turn signal is to hint at their intentions not to display what they are already doing?

How is it a signal if you don’t use it until the movement is already halfway done doing?

It is just a show of what you should of been done

But only a blessed few actually do it, and as a result are able to keep it moving

Much like if you had indicated what damage you would do upon me

If you had, signaled that you were about to switch lanes

I might not have let myself sink so deep

If your lights had glared the red hazards that would show I was on thin ice

and you were not really about playing nice

This night might not have been so destructive in hind sight

You know when you come to a 4 way stop- and drivers fight for their turn to move,

even though there, are already rules

It’s like an group of friends out on a double date, this is a old tale so I know you can relate

you know you are supposed to stay in your lane but he keeps moving over and driving you insane

Friendship lines seemed skewed, and the confused signals gets the best of you

Who’s date were you again? Is this choice going to lose you your bestfriend?

Damn but our vibe feels so good, and I know he wants to get under my hood

As I stomp screaching to a halt, and he ignore my signals as I try not to talk

If I don’t make him stop, will this all be my fault?

I tried to angle what I say but I guess my  warning lights didn’t stay on long enough to keep him away

Use your signals, which flash and crash loud for all to hear, don’t just vear to the right

That won’t keep your friendship tight and isn’t the right answer, you have to fight with all your might

And than theres signs

Of every kind, and every color, indicating what is only just ahead

Can you read the shape of the sign I am shooting from between my ears for all to hear?

You should have listened to what I said!

Slow down!

Watch Out!

Train Ahead!

If you keep moving that way your car is gonna bash that speedbump and your taillights will jump from the warning

When I start hinting and reflecting that my next moves might not be in your city, that I might arch into a new type of being

Don’t drag me back or ignore my signs as I show you what I plan to do, and all you do is sigh

And ask why?

Listen to my signs!

Don’t stay stumped, look! There’s more signs to show you which way to go to get where you are trying to be  this day

Clearly, I’m not trying to stay

And every day you should be farther and better at driving the path you have chosen

If only people would use their signals, inflections graced upon us from the One most High

To show others what moves they had in mind, maybe there would be less pain and better lessons learned this way

These are just a few of the thoughts I have had this day

I just wish signals were used, clicked and flashed instead of actions repeatedly rash, it would help so much from keeping us looking back at the past.

Written By: Writerreyes

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