Poetry & Rhythm, Elevates Minds Effectivly = PREME

If people relate and understand you on a personal level, if they like you, does that give you a bigger fanbase?

   Pusha Preme, (33), New York born and Florida raised, a man of the South and the North, with a sprinkle of  the West says, “I am nobody. I am music. I make music. I intentionally don’t want people to know who I am. I just want them  to enjoy the music. If you want to know about my life, than open a book or read a feature about me. I feel like alot of artists out there make up a library of really dope looking books, but when you actually read the books, you end up feeling like ‘eh’.”

    This emphasizes rising rap star Pusha Preme’s point, ” Although I do agree, we need to put more attention on the meat and potatoes of why we are doing what we do, and showing who we are. But I feel when you add the why factor, after “the fact”, it makes the music so much better, and you don’t have to worry about it, just focus on making the music better.”

Pusha feels Kanye West is a great example of this, many people don’t agree with Kanye personally, but they like his sound and production.

Malcolm (later to be called Pusha Preme) began his professional career as he exploded onto the rap/hiphop scene in 2010. NYC born, and bred, Pusha thrives on the power of the city and fans his music echoes with. Prior to his true beginning, he had started a label called King’s Legacy in NY with his brother. Unfortunately after a time his partner no longer hungered for the music scene, leaving Malcolm at a split road. Unable to continue forth under the same identity he had built with his brother, he morphed into something else, someone else, and his multiple personalities were born. Behind each mask is whoever he wants to be and a message with the face. Question is, does everything you stand for match one face?

Pusha Preme currently promotes 4 masks. The white ranger is his primary mask fans recognize, which is the studded diamond face. Next is the boy-blue with a particular mouth piece. Than the demagorgan, which is inspired from Stranger Things. Most recently, the black panther emerged and is on the magazine cover of “FemeFeature” released December of 2018.

Malcolm is from the Bronx, went to school in Queens until age 14; which is when his family moved to Tampa and Preme became hip with a new scene, building his rap knowledge and tuning his creative ear. In 2009, Malcolm went to play basketball as (post) on MVSU team, and played till he got a right buckle meniscus injury. Quickly feeling the consequences of a human bodies weakening, he woke up a few days later to a bill slid under the dorm room door,  for the rest of the semester of education. His hooping skills no longer a way to a means, the hard world bared its teeth at his athletic career.

“I have experienced, rural, hard, real life experiences that have made me feel too many ways. Inspiring my music, to be, more than one personality. I have lived in housing when I had no where else to go, where there was no shower. You have to warm the water, fetch the water, fill the tub, empty the tub, and clean it down. This made me feel what is to struggle. I have also had the time of my life opening a show for Tpain, and other award shows in Daytona. Life is a rollercoaster.I acknowledge this is true for most people, and embody it within myself and my music. “

Without his brother at his side, Malcom felt the loss of his rap identity hard, and Pusha Preme was born, masked and unknown. “I decided to cover my face. Now I don’t even have to tell you who I am anymore, I can just make the music. If you like it, cool, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. That version of me likes what I am putting out and that’s all that matters. I will make the music whether it’s liked or not. But I have always had tons of support from day one. “Pusha explains.

Pusha Preme solidly claims over 1000 songs, and all backing a powerful message of life experience. “I don’t follow the format, because I like music as a whole. If I get to the point in the beginning, make that first verse and the hook, I’m done. Sometimes your message doesn’t need a second verse.I format to how the beat moves. I see music like, life, like the way a human being moves from baby to old man. Some people feel like the music is behind them and they are in front. I like to be intertwined with the music, and the metrinome of that beat. Don’t force it. Just let it be.”

Preme is currently pushing his single” Maysay” because he feels it is the foundation for most people, a experience everyone goes through that you don’t have to learn through someone else. That feeling of nonchalance toward what every one else is saying, and going for what feels right for you. Pusha reflects that we all die alone, so it’s okay to be selfish about what matters most to you.

Pusha leans hard on Ndroidbeats as his producer but has worked with many over time. He echoes the sentiment that it is very hard to find a producer to create according to the expectations in your head. While producers often have awesome beat packages, many artists have a particular sound that cannot be harvested but must be planted, grown, and cultivated to the sound of the artists well tuned ear.

When Preme began to emerge onto the Tampa hiphop scene he first worked with engineer and producer Vincent Marullo, also known as LavaP, recording at Lava Pit (@book_lava). A song Preme mastermindeed with ­­­­LavaP was “Work”, which is about culture. He commonly hits Lava Studios for references.

Vincent says, ” Pusha Preme is dope af, original, and with good content. Many people lack this, his music means something, has a message worth hearing, and it’s not recycled art.”

    Malcom was a experiment, like a teenager learning, trying, and becoming, Preme is current events, matured and all grown up, ready to take on the world. Remind you of modern day Superman? Check out upcoming performances by following his social media accounts including IG (@pushapreme), Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Spotify. PushaPreme’s music is available on all platforms. Keep your head up for these masks can be seen all over the city, what personality will you discover?

Written By: Writerreyes

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    1. Dope write up! The man is on his way to become a legend. He’s calculated and thoughtful with all his content. P.s. go buy a Tampa Tee


  1. Great write up! I’ve seen a few shows of Pusha Preme. He’s def a one of a kind artist and puts one hell of a performance on! Keep up the great work of showcasing dope local artists! I’m here for it 🙌


  2. Great write up! I loved the approach of mentioning his upbringing outside of music very insightful. I mean I know about Preme for the most part but from the perspective of comparing and contrasting MLCMG and the now Pusha Preme is a genius outline to what turned out to be a beautiful artist piece.



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