“Shine yo light, I’m Stepping Back” Renown Tampa Host Tone Kapone

Reknown, Tampa Host Tone Kapone says he never really stopped rapping but his inspiration to write and perform his own music has just switched to ambition to help others defend against the music industry sharks. The very reason why he keeps everything official as a promoter. 

“I don’t perform as often because I don’t want to take the spotlight from those I have lined up and are on a timed schedule. If I can work it in and the mood hits me, I sometimes perform but that’s just not the goal anymore,” this opportunist explains. 

Tone Kapone doesn’t follow any particular formula,” I like to keep it fresh and stay creative. There’s a whole new generation of music coming up, and staying relevant is key.” Tone uses social media such as Facebook and Instagram, to reach the online generation and stay with the times. Culture and society adapt over time and Tone progresses with it. He is still a big believer in direct contact, inviting fans for particular shows or genres according to what people enjoy, and individual artists, as they are discovered. Tone believes personalized communication makes a big difference in reputation and is more successful than a generic message. There is no stopping when failures occur in the hosting business. Tone pinpoints the error, analyzes different approaches to the problem, and moves on stronger for the lesson, living by the motto, “You can’t let failure stop you”. 

 Tone Kapone is as real as they come, with a solid foundation in trust, loyalty and respect. If someone is a snake and deceitful, this host won’t hesitate to cut the artist off, and let them know what they need to work on. On the other hand if he finds an individual who is on fire with talent and holds the traits he considers most valuable, he is loyal to the end and will do anything in his power to help the artist succeed.  

“We are only going to get bigger, there are more artists I haven’t seen, and the plan is to double down on Tampa as I explore more ways to get new artists and more people in the building and on scene every month consistently, ” Tone states with confidence. 

Mr. Tone Kapone was brought up in the midwest on traditional values, but was raised by a single mother, and loving grandmother, as his father died young in the military after years in a coma. Tone truly grew up by the method “It takes a Village to raise a child”. The diversity of the Kansas military base he lived by, as well as the small community he was enfolded in, created this upbringing. Tone Kapone is a strong family man with a wife he cherishes, and daughter he adores, stating they are his everything. He has been married for 2 years and dating Ms. Tone Kapone for 8. His daughter Ariana is a few months short of 5 years old. Mr. Tone Kapone says he remembers being single and says he was always looking, ready to get his “grown up on” since he was 27.

Tone Kapone’s history included basketball and college radio hosting. He and his Dj “Djspaceship” had an online radio show around the same time they started hosting events. Many times plans and actions have fallen through like server failures; consistency, and quality are major factors, but despite major hiccups he continues to make moves. 

Mr. Tone Kapone is big on realizing what you have and being grateful for it instead of always acting like you don’t have enough.  Despite this belief he says if he won the lottery he would start a music company, make music,and corral some of the local artists to provide a boost into the music industry. “That’s the thing about Tampa, there’s not really an outlet, there’s not really any set formula, there’s no major funding behind it right now,” Mr. Tone Kapone reflects.

Business sales help pay his day bills but his nightlife is a whole different story. In March of 2019 Mr. Tone Kapone’s enigmatic personally returned to the airwaves alongside his ever present, extremely talented Djspaceship. Every Tuesday night this well connected duo can be found on air from 8-10pm EA on ‘Waves of the Bay’ hosted by ‘FlOHIOradio’. ‘Waves of the Bay’ is an online radio show that showcases Tampa artists, posing questions to these skilled individuals that fans have been longing to hear the answers to, and takes listeners behind the scenes of what makes the artists the talent that they are; reflecting personal interviews performed by NakedlyUnderconstruction. Nakedlyunderconstruction’s creator Writerreyes is a new cohost, bringing a unique flavor to the show with her fresh “green” eyes on the Tampa Bay scene and  POV on undiscovered talents. ‘Waves of the Bay’ also includes running a weekly segment called Tampa BayWatch, emphasizing hits from local artists whom deserve more airtime than they may have received in the past and provides opportunity for artists to gain new fans. 

This was just the beginning of radio time for Mr. Tone Kapone and Djspaceship as shortly after restarting ‘Waves of the Bay’ they were offered a part-time gig on Saturday Night Shutdown from 12-3AM first Saturdays’ of the month. WMNF Tampa 88.5FM is the longest running hiphop show in Tampa. Through time and perseverance Mr. Tone Kapone is slowly but surely making dreams come true, his and others.

As a result it comes without surprise that Mr. Tone Kapone has been nominated  through Creative Loafing for several awards including Best Mover & Shaker, Best Local Concert Promoter, Best Local Radio Personality, and Best Local Up and Coming Radio Personality. Waves of the Bay is included in this feast of recognition as Best Local Podcast 

& Best Local Internet Show. Clearly perseverance and hard work pays off as these accomplishments were hardly achieved overnight. 

Like many with artistic dreams Tone is trying to find a good spot to securely land so he can focus solely on hosting in the music scene and clearly states having back up plans including X, Y, and Z. This big time host’s love for Tampa will keep him here no matter the bruises he is dealt. Let’s step up and make Tampa the talent scene it should be and respect those who fight for it as they bring New Age Renaissance revolution. Working with this host and the many connections Mr. Tone Kapone brings to the table is just the beginning for the nest of artistic recognition for Tampa Bay’s budding talent. Mr. Tone Kapone is the ignition. 

Come THROUGH every 3rd Sunday, Ignite the Night at 5 Star Dive Bar in Ybor, FL, Tune in to monthly radio show Saturday Night Shutdown and weekly Waves of the Bay, always keeping it fresh. Don’t miss out. 

Written By: Writerreyes

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