So Smoove, Seductive Raw, Soul:Zay Smoove

Lights twinkle off and on throughout the spacious room, illuminating corners and hidden delights, talents of every kind, the overhead light is out so each moment can be accentuated.
Emphasized by the smokey soul music, the slow glide of musical notes sliding over your skin, moving to bump with your inner soul as this man plays saxophone to get you in the zone. Only a
hint of his seductive talent, lead on to where my heart longs to follow, take my hand as we delve into the sultry beat of Zay Smoove’s music, his melodic soul’s feat.
Xavier Leatherbury known as Zay Smoove the full picture, all around musical artist with a voice
to match the play of his fingers as he flips through chords on his saxophone. Enticing everyone in hearing range, he can even switch up the beat, flipping full range to rap some heat. Whether
it’s releasing a new single with his vocals on point, or a cover of a song played by saxophone that makes your heart long, he will have you entranced if you listen to even just one song.
Xavier has been playing saxophone for 15 years, starting his expertise in third grade, experience leading down a path, surprisingly not his first choice, having longed for the drums.
But everyone plays the drums, so he chose to become something uncommon and obviously still won. As his career in playing the saxophone was born, he often played for his church for years, Sundays on end, playing by ear, knowing just what the fans want to hear. Once Xavier was completely comfortable with playing at church, he moved on to other venues such as
SmokenWords, a weekly Tampa open mic event. As people’s interest in his music increased so did his outreach.
Zay Smoove dropped an EP October 2018 “The Jones Effect”, embodying 6 songs, which include a guitar, saxophone duo, as his cousin spiced up melodies with additional musical
harmony (available on ALL platforms).
Xavier admits that while he fits in with the popular crowd with ease, this is not where he feels the most, “You will mostly catch me chilling in the back, hoody and shades on, just chilling. I
don’t talk a lot, although I have no problems interacting with other people, I just keep to myself. I am more about family and friends, and just doing my thing. People just seem to like it.” As a
result of his comfort zone, more into the background scene, his goals include producing a track for Kendrick, Drake, or related artists. Xavier has worked with several local artists such as
TeliciaThePoet, and Fre$hP, with conversation ensuing with Tory Lanez.

Zay Smoove’s musical seduction makes an impact, reflecting, ” With my music it’s a feeling I can play with, like a soul deep feeling. When I play, I want people to feel that joy. I get joy from seeing people dancing or having a good time with the vibe I create, that I am playing. When I see that I can’t ask for nothing more.” Xavier’s favorite artists whom he himself receives inspirational joy from is Chris Brown,Tory Lanez, and Jay Z.

“Happiness is when you are at peace with yourself. It’s not about materialistic things, it’s not
about a certain level of achievement. When you’re happy and you’re satisfied with what you’re doing, what you’re putting out, you’re happy,” Xavier answers before leading into a recollection of how he lost his job at the beginning of 2019 due to the company simply shutting down. He did
not find another 9-5, but rather has been following his instrumentalist heart and states that he has been happier than ever before. Just booking gigs and playing to the tune of his pockets
clink. “Like it’s what I have always wanted to do, it’s been given to me. Someway, somehow, through God, this happened. So I feel like if you’re doing what you truly love, and you’re not
worrying about the dollar amount attached to it, and it’s really doing it for the love, that’s when you’re the most happy,” Zay Smoove finishes.
Straight soul music has mostly died out, with modern mixes leaning toward hiphip and soul joined at the hip. Xavier hopes more soul can be brought into the modern cultural music, “just cause sometimes you what you need is straight soul.” Zay Smoove releases information on a soul venue in Tampa Bay, called “Ruby’s” which is located in St. Petersburg, FL, with every
Monday night a regular local jam session for those needing to jive. All types of music from 90’s and 80’s RNB to present day blues are played, Xavier says it’s definitely the Monday night
ZaySmoove also dropped singles “Vacation” and “Shameless” released July 2019, and more recently “Intentions” and “Promise” available as of Fall 2019, with all singles showcasing his vocals.
To support, follow on any and all social networks, purchase Zay Smoove’s works, and note he has clothes for sale for merchandise. With his own clothing line in tow, a voice and instrumental
prowess are only the beginning of this young artist’s ambitions. The themed clothing line is created from Xavier and fellow Taurus and best friend Ju, reflecting bull headed minds,
“Unthink-abull” logos, with the message “Anything you put your mind to, it doesn’t matter. A lot of time people set standards on what other people tell them, they can’t do this, can’t do that; it’s more so their fears being pushed onto somebody else, pushed onto you”. So “Unthink-abull” just gives you that feeling of confidence, that you CAN do the unthinkable. You can do whatever you set your mind to. There’s no limits.”

Join @Zaysmoove on his journey to do the UNTHINKABLE by taking a gandor on his clothing line, and if you dare, listen to his sultry rare music peeling into the air…it’s only fair.


Written By:Writerreyes

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