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“That’s how much of an art hiphop music is to me, because it seems like ever since I put the pencil down and picked up a pen, I haven’t had to draw since,” introduces Young Kare, Tampa resident and local artist, taking on the scene, pushing to set the next generation’s music standard. “ I don’t like to be called just a rapper. I display art. I am an artist in every sense of the word, so before I was rapping I was drawing. Alot. I would draw all the time. Nonstop, every single day, that was the only way to keep myself sane. I drew a lot of hip hop stuff, rappers, athletes, and all the symbols of the culture I support. My culture,” he educates. 


Kare started rapping the last few years, beginning in 2018 which ended his realistic pencil sketches and transformed his art into verses impressed with the strong statements the culture has been shouting. He elevated his voice to carry the sound of what graphics in 2D could not express, no matter how cathartic.   


In his early 20’s, hot headed, angry and ready to take down anyone and anything, Kare neglected his rap ability due to the lack of light he deemed at the end of that brutal industry tunnel. As life tends to do, it gets in the way of the best laid plans of mice and men, or atleast Young Kare and friends, and he was fired from his 9-5, forcing him to re-evaluate.  Staring at blank walls for days on end with fury pounding in his veins, the music within began to leak as he loosened his reigns. “With no job I had to find something to do. So I went and bought a microphone, some sound proof equipment, and slapped those onto the walls in my closet, and just started recording. All day. Every single day,” Karey shares, amused how far he has come. This first artistic transformation produced his first EP ‘ Leftovers’ which he now refers to as terrible, but recognizes they were the first 4 songs he ever did. Young Kare states he improved his music by studying and practicing, insisting that the only way to get better is to stay locked in!

Everyone has got to start somewhere.  


Recently beginning to record his passion due to the personal joy he feels and has found he can share successfully, Young Kare speaks on his style, “My music is a good mix of hip hop and R&B but as there are so many different little genres just within hip hop, I can’t just say hip hop. I do alot of mumble rap, I can do a boombap. What I really love about art so much is mixing it up and making it all sound really good and like me. I don’t sound like nobody else.”


For the first course, Young Kare offers “She Be Fallin’ in Love” released 2019 which is his first full R&B song about the agony and self esteemed destroyer of being cheated on. Follow this through with the rest of his album ‘Elevator Music’, which will more than leave the listener full and satiated, finishing deliciously with “Ice Her Out”, available on all streaming platforms. 


“So first I gotta explain about Elevator genius…write this down,” Kare says with a laugh, “Elevator MUSIC  was a summer album, cause in the summer you are in the elevator a lot. I just seem to associate elevators with summer time, I don’t know why, but it was a very fun album, very collaborative, and ofcourse songs with just me. GENIUS, would be Autistic genius, was the second tape I put out, which is a real in depth type of album. It was just a different side, like a deeper side, so  than I merged the two. So it’s like 2 vibes mixed into one, which is this series I am doing now, which is ELEVATOR GENIUS. So you get the fun side, and you get a vulnerable side, so I put out the 2 part single, I put out the EP ‘Elevator Genius’ which dropped today (Feb 2020) and the album I am working on now I am looking at releasing later this spring. My whole thing is I want to drop music in a way it has never been dropped before. I wanted to drop an album in increments, song by song, but another artist has recently done that. But like the 2 part single I dropped, I plan to deliver my music in a new way. I am so excited about it and I have alot of fire on the way.” Grab your fire extinguisher or if you have the guts, your fire suit, cause this artist is about to set the city on fire, spreading his flames throughout the nation. 


Young Kare has been featured and collaborated with other artists such as @clutch25ace, @drelee863, and @thelilzae. He speaks on the experience of letting these connections be created organically rather than forced, and on the necessity to differentiate between artists who can harm your music or improve it based on their work ethic and the way they move. Kare feels that time management and deadlines reflect other artists’ compatibility and dedication to a project. 


When the reader leaves this feature to go check out this intriguing artist, instead of music videos (which are available on youtube), Young Kare has short videos of random people dancing to his tunes, “ I like to do most of my videos in clips. I am trying to change that look of just looking into the camera rapping. I like to keep it interesting. The times, videos, are changing, people are more visual now. People would rather see a song then hear it. Think about it once you see the music video or people dancing to a song, you can’t hear that song again without seeing that video in your head”. 


HB2K was recently released beginning of March with 20 songs, and is a representation of Young Kare’s life experience. H2BK includes his previous EP in addition to the new songs released.  This initial release is to be followed with the deluxe version of the album. “ I feel like I need to do the deluxe version  because most of the singles are gonna be on the deluxe version, so you’re really getting like 2 or 3 new tracks. It’s just to keep the music alive, keep it going. Keep the theme alive, heartbroken kid making a bunch of emo records, and putting them together and making them sound cohesive. Mixing them up. Having fun with it, telling everyone about my story” Kare explains. 


Down to the grain, Young Kare begins to promote his released content, excited and looking forward to celebrating his music. Stay ready for music videos, networking opportunities, performances, listening parties, etc. @kareytree emphasizes “ I am definitely going to be out and about in Tampa just celebrating. I feel like you have to put that art and work into your music TO celebrate it”. He continues to elaborate on the importance of being present in the scene where other rappers or artists of the same caliber are hanging, and to find the new fans needed to spread that particular artist’s style of music.  

Written By: Writerreyes


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