2020 Big Movie Moves: Behind the Scenes


“ You’re either growing or you’re dying,” Big Business is known for multiple projects (and height), highlighting Hip Hop and as such the music industry through YouTube web series and promotional events. Over time Big Business began to discover there was more he could do with his talent. More that his previous vision in the music industry was not fulfilling. The impact he felt he needed to make, turning to movie making as a result. After thorough research and meetings of the minds with scriptwriters and other creatives who felt in sync with Big Business’ vision, his movie began to come to life. But just like in many cases, the journey of the pursuit of happiness is just as monumental as the final result. Flash behind the scenes, with our special invitation to look at what makes the movie complete. Keep reading to see the connection between fictional characters and who people are meant to be underneath. 2020 Vision’s Documentary displays the raw.

 One of the most memorable game changers of movies of the past was their dope soundtracks. Big Business feels this is not easily found anymore, yet another inspiration for this movie. Succeeding this epiphany he began to gather underground, struggling, upcoming artists from central Florida with small town sounds which DESERVED to be heard. 

2020 Vision is an independent film mastered in 2019, displaying the story of a single father in the modern age, raising a 20 year old son who is trying to find his way while dealing with the trials and tribulations of the cross between teenager and man, culture and societal expectations. While also figuring out who he is and what he will make of himself. This 20 year old young man is known as Malik and is the main character of the story, while Big Business himself plays the role of the father. As Malik comes across new challenges and the people who come with them, a melting pot of positive and negative influences, he is torn by the multitude of voices telling him who to be and how to act, until everything seems to culminate at his 21st birthday. 

Interestingly enough, this movie is not released yet, Big Business explains, “One thing I learned from being in the music industry is things only go as far as your marketing plans allow. So first we are pushing the documentary about the process of making the movie, so people can get into the character of Malik that is played by Andrew Holness). Andrew is a young talented individual who makes videos, music and produces business and commercial content. Many of the other characters also had a largely musical background such as, Hyfa the Prospect, Qualah and B. Blaize. Big Business emphasizes, “ I think the process is how you get to the product, and the more people that buy into the process, the more they appreciate the product”.  

Big Business peels away the protective skin of the end product, allowing us to peer into this story’s creation, as he educates that a large part of the inspiration for this story was his own struggle through college and coming of age to truly “man up”. He speaks on overcoming the relationships and friendships he had at that time, and how he reacted to the influences of different people. People who partied too much, who were addicted to drugs, who talked about God, and those who studied until their textbooks were imprinted into their skin where they had landed with their dedication as a pillow. 

“To have 20/20 Vision in life you have to be able to see in front of you, besides you, and in back of you. So you have to look forward. Malik has a father who has been there and done that but he is not really trying to listen to what his father has to say,” Big Business educates. 

Boring or entertaining each individual had their place in his story. 20/20 Vision reflects the influence of each person in each of our lives, and how important our reaction to them is. It really is true that you can tell what type of person someone is by their friends. How to respond to people who have no direction and purpose, how to navigate through each experience to arrive at a destination that you are okay with. Big Business recognizes that this reflects on everyone’s life struggles but no one has recently created a movie on facing these conflicts and how they can be overcome despite the consequences of not making the best choices at the beginning. 

This movie teaches how to follow the right directions, to learn how to fall down and get back up, but more importantly to know when you are down. Big Business allocates, “ This particular character doesn’t really have the seriousness and doesn’t pay attention to some of the signs of what’s going on, and what’s needing to happen to make things go right. Signs that let you know that danger is around, that you need to change or your life is going to go in a direction you won’t be ABLE to reverse. That’s why it’s called 20/20 Vision. Malik is not engaged enough to know that he is on the ground. When people are okay with mediocrity, or being below subpar, they don’t recognize that they are in danger. Their future, their career, their life is in danger as well. But all in all you to be human in this process.”

Tina Marie is a bartender/talent scout/jack of many trades who joined in partnership with Big Business to assist in writing the script of this impactful movie. On hot, late afternoons they could be found in coffee shops, crunched in a corner, bent over a tarnished laptop. Turning memories into lessons and characters who would teach others how to skip over painful experiences instead of being shocked within inches of their lives by life moments. Moments which could have been avoided if only, if only people would just listen, just learn. Big Business remembers,  “We sat down and crafted the characters based on people that we would possibly know from our own life experiences. While also tackling the problems that are really plaguing the youth right now, which is mental health and substance abuse. These are things that most people along the way are going to face, either directly through their family, themselves, a sibling, an uncle; and that’s how we tried to craft it. So it would be relatable to people who are young, people who are old, so it would have no borders as far as who we reached.”

Premiering prior to the movie itself, Big Business presents the documentary for 20/20 Vision.

This 73 minute documentary reviews the purpose of the film, how it came about, the characters of the film and what happens during the process of making it, traveling all over Florida to make this advertisement sing, from Plant City to Jacksonville, to Lakeland, where actors were based. 

Stay Tuned for updates on movie releases and a breakdown of this heartbreaking, monumental, gut wrenching whirlwind of a documentary. This also, is a story worth being a part of. 

“They say faith without works is dead. They also say work without faith is dead. The one thing about faith, I think, that’s different is, when you really believe in something, you prepare yourself for the race. What I mean when I say that is, if you believe you are really going to win, if you really believe you’re going to finish the race, you let things happen and prepare yourself for the victory” Big Business models this with patience and perseverance. Read, and then watch. Follow my bookmarked times throughout the documentary, and stick to the end. This is YOUR story told by them. This is worth your time. Come, get better, become better. Persevere. 


Intro Written By: Writerreyes


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