Lydae Jurvel Reaches for the Stars


Lyvade is his first name past down through generations while Jurvel represents being grounded in mind, soul, and body. This is sourced from the Greek study of numbers and stars. Lydae Jurvel is originally from the Bahamas, landing in Florida in 2014, shortly after graduating from highschool. At a budding 17, Lydae set out to America to pursue the dream of making his music his life’s work, touching as many lives as possible on the way.

Lydae’s first experience on a large stage, performing on his own, was age (9), at a Christmas Christian Concert headlined by Landlord. This artist was another one of Lydae’s inspirations so when they decided to have a contest inviting anyone up to the stage who might be interested Lyvade took the opportunity. Lyvade stood on that stage in front of 1,200 people temporarily frozen in place like a statue, intimidated for just a moment by the sheer number of people listening and waiting for HIM. Lydae remembers looking to his father who encouraged him to sing his old recital song ‘Feliz Nevadad’. At first his voice, the mic, it all shook with nerves, but as the crowd clapped and began to respond, everything changed, something settled inside Lyvae as he began to become. Lydae recalls, “ It was at that moment, that I actually felt comfortable, like just the delivery and sound of my voice, being so intone with the music, makes people feel…at home, and me, with them.”

Lyvade’s passion for music was born at age 9, jumping into the passenger side of his big brother’s ride with John Legend and similar beats pumping through the car into his veins, electrifying his soul with motivation. “ One of the things that really got my attention was that song ‘Ordinary People’, because I felt like the song was literally talking to ordinary people but it was more so beyond ordinary situations, because it can speak so deeply but vaguely in a way.” But let’s go back a little further, to the sounds of octaves being practiced on a church stage, with assigned standing positions and weekly practices as believers of every age range, this was a normal activity for Lyvade, a place his parents took him on certain days. Starting at age 6, Lyvade sang; church events between Christmas plays and Christian shows were the beginning for the spark that would grow, nurtured by different notes, the melody of voices with something to say, to change lives in a way.

Top 4 artists Lydae Jurvel inspired by

  1. John Legend         2)  Jhene Aiko

      3)   Christian Grey      4)  Kendrick Lamar


In summer of 2020 Lydae put together his first music video which heavily reflected the Black Lives Movement, or rather the I matter too movement, because it is so easy for the government to stereotype someone rather than work a little harder and find the real culprit of a problem. Officials always seem to be jumping to conclusions as seen in Lydae Jurvel’s first music video, “Elephant in the Room”, produced by @knux_beats. In this visual you see a young man listening to music at a fast-food joint when a robbery takes place. He quickly leaves, feeling at risk due to the obviously dangerous environment, and shortly finds himself followed by cops as he fit the shooters description… black and with dreads…a vague description which can fit thousands of individuals, costs the wrong innocent their lives. AGAIN!!!!

Lydae Jurvel wrote the song “Elephant in the Room” for his God sister who was going through the recent passing of her mom while dealing with the same hereditary, fatal, medical condition which had ended her mother’s life. Lydae spent a lot of time talking to his God sister at different times during this season of her life, but before he could show her this song, he had wrote for her, she passed on as well. “So, for me, every time I do that song, I don’t get sad, I smile, because I am thinking of her,” Lydae finishes quietly before breaking down how he sees the song.

“The song in general can have so many meanings. For the times we are going through right now, I wanted to give a certain idea. It is so crazy because I have had a lot of people try to come and do a little break down with it, and some parts they got, and sometimes they didn’t. So, let me break it down the way I see it,” Lydae Jurvel explains, “when it came down to the first part it was about always wanting to be in a good vibe, that’s why I started it out smiling. Then leading into the next part in the store, just jamming out, just rocking, that’s just pushing more creativity, trying to show people to be themselves wherever you are. Then when it led to the robbery scene, that was more to get the people out of that rut and saying, this is what we are forced to do. Evidently, you can choose to blame what has happened in the past to make you do that, or you can be the one to change that, but everyone looks past that to the other scene with the two cops and the racial aspect”.

Interestingly, when Lydae filmed the robbery scene with a fake gun and props, as well as permission to film the scene, as Lydae’s character was exiting the building, he ran face to face with a real security officer who aggressively requested he remove himself from the area. Thankfully with so many of Lydae’s friends present to play a part in the filming of “Elephant in the Room” nothing more took place, as every witness’ hearts pumped rapidly in their chests that a scene they were recording for a message almost came true.

Lydae considers himself an alternative artist as he has multiple music styles, with talents singing gospel, R&B, and rap. Lydae Jurvel says the message in his music is about finding wisdom in flaws. To taste what he offers, he recommends, “A lot of my music I recorded before this song is definitely a vibe, but Elephant in the room definitely hit’s it right on the head as a beginning level, that’s going to be leading into a whole more stuff that I have in store”. Lydae does not like being put into a labeled box. He states he also has a breakup song, a motivational song, emphasizing that his music is according to his mood shift. This is what drives the different emotions that he wants to give in each song.


As many artists have experienced, the audience at different venues have different reactions to select music, reacting to vibes according to the atmosphere preset by the venue. As a result, when Lydae is set up to perform he makes a point of visiting the location for an event prior to his performance to get a feel for what the audience may react best to. This is a bonus for an artist with an array of different sounds and types of music he can offer to suit the audience’s expectation while leaving a unique aftertaste behind, so he is the highlight of the evening. 

“For me melodies are everything, I am just so used to being caught off guard by something I have never heard before that it’s so at the forefront of my mind,” emphasizing the importance of a fresh message with an ear-catching melody that plays in the listener’s head long after the music has stopped.

Lydae Jurvel uses multiple producers, as he has just begun his music career in the last few years. He enjoys the different vibes different producers have provided for him, but he has not yet found that one producer whose style can match his changing musical pace and meet the expectation for the newest song in mind at the time. His most producer is @knux_beats and his engineer is @Armanisounds.

Lydae Jurvel’s Music is available on all major streaming platforms but his personality and insight into his daily activities can be viewed by following his Instagram, @lydaejurvel.

Written By: Writerreyes

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