Soul on Fire’s Leppi, Champions Individuality

Frequent flyer of Smokenwords and Da Cypher, Leppi performed with exceptional delivery for Loud on 7th’s Soul on Fire event. Budding from Richmond, Virginia, this online entrepreneur has been performing for over 3 years, spreading his message, “Let every person prosper independently”. In addition to rapping Leppi also produces, and has been diving into self videography since pandemic restrictions, and enjoying the creative process. Leppi speaks on performing at this Loud on 7th event, “It’s like nothing else in Tampa. It allows a wide range of different artists and participants to come together & mix energies. These are some of the top artists, vendors, industry insiders, and venues that the city has to offer. It’s motivational,”.

Soul on Fire saw Leppi perform 3 songs, ‘Figure it Out’, ‘Hit Different’, and ‘Looking for Love’ ft Semeria. Leppi explains the backstory of each song, from ‘Figure it Out’ with its emphasis on unequal love; that deep gut feeling when something is off and sometimes hidden, but you choose to ignore, to ‘Hit Different’ which is about when you find someone who is unlike anyone else, to ‘Looking for Love’. Leppi continues, “ you go through all these relationships and you think love is around, but it just turns out that it’s like a fleeting thing, like a ghost in a way”.

Leppi is all about pushing for the next level and motivating others to do the same, displaying independence and the power of thinking for yourself.  Unless you plan to catch him the next time he’s at Zaxby’s chowing down, follow @leppi_vafl to find out what other moves this Street Smart, Book Smart artist brings.

Loud on 7th Performance

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: @BlessedSerenity_

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