Authentic Semeria sings to Loud on 7th

Semeria sings to the sound of her own drum, and brings the crowd along with her, fun loving and full of sunshine, brightening the stage at Loud on 7th’s music festival Soul on Fire event. She performed her new, unreleased EP ‘ Free Will’ to be found everywhere music is celebrated in the coming months. Semeria’s music focus’ on authenticity, self love and the creative expression that is born as a result of these freedoms. Music has a way of reaching people in ways nothing else seems to, “it’s something about science, and the brain, and the spirit, it all just comes together, whether its singing or writing, dancing, or reading, it gives a extra flare to life everytime” Semeria comments with love. Seme is adamant about self awareness and exploration; the ability of being comfortable with self. Don’t let people tell you who you are nor who you ought to be. Being yourself brings out your best self. 

Independence rings in the voice of R&B, soul singing, sweet Semeria in her popular, self released debut single and music video ‘GLOSS’, trending on all musical platforms. When she is not singing or songwriting she can be found making a living through Etsy selling crystals, gems, and jewelry; soon to be opening a shop called Mystic Gem Design which will create custom jewelry. Hide the pumpkin seeds because this new singing mom is here to take advantage of the harvest season, planting and nurturing the flowers of inspiration, business, and love. @semeriaaa’s music can be found on all streaming platforms including youtube and her own website, “You name it, I am there!” this soulful artist emphasizes with vigor. 

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: BlessedSerenity_

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