Black Excellence Es’synce Star performs for Soul On Fire

Es’synce Star has sung her away across national stages, from Florida Fairgrounds and local venues, to big cities such as Miami, New York, and Atlanta. On September 11th, 2021, Es’synce performed 3 songs including singles from her unreleased EP ‘Zephyr Heart’, for Loud on 7th’s Music Festival event Soul on Fire. Star’s music reflects personal memories and events that are close to her heart. Tiffany Jenkins grew up singing with her family in church, always putting on a show which impacted the hearts around her, so that any who were blessed with her sound, pushed for her to pursue sending her message out through music. “It’s funny because growing up everyone kept telling me I should go on tour, or try out for American Idol, The Voice, or anything like that. So if everyone is encouraging me to do this I might as well do it, I have books full of lyrics from writing my own stuff, so why not? I just want to spread the word and spread love to everybody and bring people together”, Es’synce says with a smile.  

Tiffany grew into her artist name Es’synce Star as she embodied black beauty in essence, which only emphasized her star quality. ‘Star’ was a nickname Tiffany acquired in pursuit of creative sound and performance, eventually forming Es’synce Star.   Es’synce can be found dancing and acting as well as singing, exemplifying an all around performer. When this talented R&B artist is not coming up with new words to touch your heart, she is offering her services as a medical assistant, aiding the people in yet another way. Follow @official_essynce and check out her most popular single “Turn Away”, streaming on all music platforms accompanied by her music video on youtube. 

Loud on 7th Performance

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: BlessedSerenity_

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