“I Pick Me & World Peace” WillyFlee motivates Loud on 7th

Multi generational, multi genre, dancing, producing, clothing designing artist Willy Flee, serves Loud on 7th’s Soul on Fire event with classy moves and new twists, controlling every beat of your heart from the slow dance of falling in love to the quickened pace of the dangerously, enticing road of sudden seduction. Performing ‘Pink’ and ‘You See That’ from the RnFlee album followed by his unreleased single ‘Got to Go’ and finally ‘Late Lay’, Willy Flees sets the stage on fire with matching dance moves that brings the audience to their feet. Willy Flee’s music spans from R&B to hiphop to rap to reggae, all seasoned with sprinkles of other musical genres, creating a whole new sound that hints at a history once heard but cannot quite be identified and just leaves you doey eyed and deep sighing. From modeling to sports to music this multi-talented artist is the ultimate performer, leaving his mark all over florida, as well cities in NY, California, and Atlanta. Willy Flee’s music is a mixture of personal experiences and imagination. This extremely creative artist looks to find a way to put YOU as the listener in his shoes, or rather in the shoes of the main character of the story; by the end of each song you will be enticed into his world of smooth moves,  convinced he is singing directly to you and thoroughly entertained. 

Willy Flee aims to change the world one moment at a time, one song at a time, one show at a time with his message, “ Remain you. There’s a lot of mental corruption, which is talked about more these days and is something people need to pay attention to within themselves. So when it comes to wanting to be like someone else, you just have to remain you all the time, ten toes down to the floor. Just remain you and the best outcome WILL come out of that! You can have your models and inspirations but at the end of the day you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with that”. Willy Flee is good to the bone, with sincere wishes for world peace and prosperity, wishing and finding ways to help eradicate homelessness and third world difficulties. “I know I can’t change everything that needs working on in my life time but if we can at least get started and join with others doing the same that means something!” Willy Flee exclaims with passion, “ My music may not specifically talk about these issues, but I would like to use the platform to give me the pedestal to speak my mind and make an impact, a difference”. 

Mere months short of 10 years of experience in the music industry, Willy Flee has several albums and singles, in addition to one of his music videos being nominated for BET consideration, having opened for Cardi B, Future, and Juicy J; as well as connections with other well known industry artists such as Eric Bellinger and Damien Lillard. Follow @willyflee to follow him on his journey to fame and world improvement, with more on Willy Flee available through NakedlyUnderconstruction’s Willy Flee is Today’s Sound with 90’s Flavor.

Loud on 7th Performance Video

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: @BlessedSerenity_

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