Soul on Fire, Lydae Jurvel entertains Loud on 7th

Lydae Jurvel delivers a very particular vibe but dabbles in every genre, some may say Lydae Jurvel dances and sings, some may say he plays the guitar and bobbs his head as his friends bring more to the scene, but truely he entertains and brings your mind and soul under his reins. At Loud on 7th music festival’s Soul on Fire event Lydae is like the pied piper, when he finally stops the audience is stunned for a moment, frozen by the notes of his voice, carried away by the story of the song, and you almost want to hold your breath that another story would be told, another song would pick up the beat to dance up on your feet. Lydae Jurvel promotes the power of music, “I just love the fact that the Loud on 7th festival is happening again, they are having more artists and everything in between. I’m just super excited, first and foremost to even be performing on the stage this year, because the year before that, I volunteered which I don’t regret, I always just want to help in some major way to bring it higher than before. I’m very devoted to this craft because a lot of people don’t understand how impactful music can be. Especially when it comes down to using it as a coping mechanism”. 

Lydae Jurvel has only been performing for 2 years but is quickly developing a reputation as Tampa’s musical renaissance man shortly after joining multi talented music group LUCID Entertainment, managed by Slater Colt. LUCID Entertainment is a group of artists from different genres with unique musical talents that compliment each other, celebrating and vibing to the amazing music that comes forth. Alot of Lydae’s songs are upbeat, motivational beats and love songs, inspired by overcoming trials and struggle as well as enjoying the amazing moments after and in between. “Alot of people don’t know that some of the best music is breathed from things people go through but don’t want to talk about. So just the simple fact it’s in music helps people understand, 1, I am not alone, and 2, this person actually understands what it’s like to go through something like this. I love that I can do what I love so much, I am so passionate about it, it’s like the moment that I go on stage, and I sing, and I just hear the instrumental just drowning out the silence, it’s like a whole different world”. Lydae Jurvel has performed all around Tampa Bay including Dark Door Spirits on special Saturday nights, and can be found streaming singles such as “Elephant in the Room” and “       . Follow @lydaejurvel on all social media platforms before you miss the next vibe.

Performance Video

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: @BlessedSerenity

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