Regina embodies Soul on Fire, Backed By Julianthajenius

Loud on 7th music festival event Soul on Fire highlighted energetic singer-songwriter Regina, performing her original single “Making Sure” and a cover of Doja Cat’s, with both beats remixed and produced by Julianthajenius. Master of instrumental delivery, Julian also plays the piano to accompany Regina on stage. “Making Sure” is about relationships; making the time as well as being aware of whether someone is completely there for you, to establish whether someone is 100% in. In this modern day culture more often than not, people are in situations and interact with other people based on what they can get out of the experience. Finding truly genuine people is rare, but when you find them, the connection is that much more electric, and absolute, for having searched. Diving deeper into finding these connections, Regina and Julian aim to remind people that it is okay to be yourself, and to remember that being your best self is not always the goal…Be Your Favorite Self. 

Julianthajenius says “ Be yourself, be free. Make art about your life, like literally, and then go to the studio. Don’t be afraid to tell your truth. Talk about it, that’s your truth, that’s your life, it happened to you”. Regina concurs, “ Definitely, and going off of him; Express yourself! Never be afraid to express yourself, no matter what season, what danger, whatever is going on in your life. Being a musician to me is about putting down your ego and just being completely vulnerable. That’s pretty much what we are about”. 
Julianthajenius says he uses smoking to relax, it clears his mind of outside stressors while also giving him creative inspiration vibes, “It lets me lock into what I am trying to do now. Not just as an artist, but as a human, life has some much going on sometimes, you just need to slow things down”. Regina agrees with this, continuing to piggyback off her musical partner, mentioning that this recreational pastime helps with health conditions such as her anxiety and PCOS. Regina switches her pace up just enough, with bottles of dry wine such as pinot noir which helps her creative process, “It helps me get into my most true self. No filter, no nothing, but at the same time, I do not do too much, just enough, to take the edge off and let the rest flow”.

Regina is empathetic, generous, and stating, “when I was little I used to cry when I saw a homeless person, I just always had the heart to help people. I just really care in general, like if I don’t have anything, I will give someone the shirt off my back. I’m just really generous, it’s like, I feel like if I’m not helping someone we’re not going to all survive, I have to help people progress in life anyway I can, whether it’s $50 or $1”. Regina is also consistently creative, constantly innovative as she creates on an almost daily basis, as shown in her 20+ years of experience singing. Regina has performed all over Florida, Atlanta, South Carolina, and New York! She is best known for having powerhouse and rich vocals which rock the crowd back on their feet and keep their eyes glued to the stage in anticipation for Regina’s next dramatical effect, bringing fans further and further into her song, and as such her sunny world. Regina released 4 singles in 2020, her single ‘Give Me Wings’, written in memory of someone who committed suicide, released in 2014, and her EP ‘ Mark My Words’ in 2017. Stay tuned with @reginavoixx and @julianthajenius as they roll out new singles in the coming months of festive leaves and family memories.

Performance Video

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: BlessedSerenity_

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