Blast from the Past: Juni Blue Eyes

“I am a dope artist and a dope writer because I’m an emotional writer. I write about things that the normal person is scared to talk about. Like in my last record ‘Numb’ I talked about my battles with depression, mental health, and suicide and then ‘Just Being Me’ was a project I released before that which was about just being yourself and being able to look yourself in the mirror and be okay in your own skin. Then ‘Karma’ was more a political record, it was about police brutality and social injustice, so a lot of people would say I am a political artist.” Singer, songwriter, poet, director, music creator, designer, visual creator, owns his own clothing brand, Juni Blue eyes dabbles in multiple trades.

Numb – June 2021

Just Being Me – Feb 2020

Karma – June 2020

Broke Days –

Juni Blue eyes’ latest release was ‘Numb’ on June 1, 2021. Juni goes on to speak on his next project, “ ‘Broke Days’ is like my funnest record I’ve dropped since doing music. Some of my stuff has been really personal, or about love or heartbreak, but ‘Broke Days’ is a celebration of hitting rock bottom and being okay celebrating life that way”.

In reflection to the topics listed above such as social injustice, police brutality, and mental health, Juni Blue Eyes may be listed as a political artist as he speaks to matters at hand. It is well known that some of the greatest artists and creators have the most wild, unexpected thoughts and a will of their own, all wrapped up in the label of a free spirit. Yet these are the same people that many follow when times get dark, as time has a tendency to do several times over decades and lifetimes. The arts and politics have been in bed with each other for a long time and has been strengthening into the next age of artistic renaissance with all the political rage and world changes escalated by the global pandemic and the dramatic changes in social economies, retail, and the workforce and communities across the world. As a result, some might even go as far to ask if the controversy in personal opinions and works of art/music/writing that are born from this, are all in all in reality a driving force in a call for social change. Have you noticed the shifts? People are speaking, it is just a matter of who is listening and acting on said words as a community.  Juni does not personally consider himself a political artist as he has other records that have been created about other topics but for the most part likes to talk about things that have purpose and meaning.

Juni started writing music around 2013, but didn’t start performing until much later. Juni displays his doubts, “So in the beginning when I started doing music, I just wanted to be a writer. I didn’t want to be in front of a crowd singing, I was very scared of that. I was very nervous of messing up and people making fun of me. A lot of things from my childhood that I was afraid of came up when it came to me being and becoming this artist”.The fear of blowing up and the secrets from what happened when he was a kid being exposed hindered him and caused his progress to slow, as he took these new, progressive steps. “I never wanted to be known as just another artist, just another rapper, I wanted to be known as a dope writer,” Juni exclaims. He explains how he started writing alternative rock, which he felt spoke more to him as an artist looking to make inspirational words and music that others could connect to him and his message best, despite never having listened to the genre himself. Juni listened to hip hop, rap, and Spanish music growing up. “ Eminem opened the door for me to be able to see someone that looked like me, but also be able to speak about his demons, and speak about his pain in a way nobody had ever done before, in my eyes. He was okay exposing his entire life, so no one else could expose it for him. That was an eye opener, if I open my life to the world then they can’t come after me later,” Juni speaks on artists’ he listened to, showing how Eminem’s style of writing and presentation greatly motivated him and impacted his own writing.

Juni Blue eyes worked for an airline so he would fly 8am to Boston, get there around 11am, get some food and head to the studio to start the session at 3pm. From three o-clock in the afternoon to midnight they could be found jamming out and letting parts of their stories come alive as the creative process synced into the music that needed to be made and heard. Juni recorded ‘Numb’ two years ago, and ‘Broke Days’ 2 months after that, but this was right before COVID shook modern society to its knees and everyone lost their footing, things slowed down and now music from the past is ready to be exposed and rocked out to!

“ So I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason. My engineer was mad as hell that I did not release ‘Numb’, and ‘Broke Days’ at that time, and who knows, I don’t know how those records would have done at that time. I don’t think I was prepared for those records personally, to come out at that time. If it blows up, I wasn’t prepared mentally for where I can go with it, while now I’m more structured mentally. I’m more mature, and I can understand now if I got the opportunity, what to do with it,” Juni admits and yet still he wishes he had not stopped playing music at the time because his music was a hit from the jump. As he became more and more popular, booked for shows right and left, Juni doesn’t have that advantage now as he tries to reemerge into the talent/music industry. “  My sound was a completely new sound that had happened yet, but then when I took a step back, 9 other artists took that sound, and built off it in their own way, so now all of them are doing amazing. So if I had continued I would have been a lot further than I am now but I had to because life got too wild.”

Juni Blue eyes also has a clothing brand called “The Lost Souls”, it’s a little girl (because that’s what everyone says it looks like, it was supposed to be a boy with skater hair), it was black and white to signify lost with the only thing in color being the heart because that’s the only thing that is for sure real.

 “The definition of ‘Lost Souls’ to me is someone who does not know their purpose or direction in life,” causing Juni to create his songs to approach those people, “ My writing, my music, my style, my clothing brand is to bring light to everyone who feels like me. Whether they’re introverted, whether they feel lost, whether they feel they have no direction or they are afraid to talk because of everything they are experiencing or have experienced. I carried a lot with me when I was a child, growing up, to finally understand my purpose, and I genuinely feel now I have come to a place where my job is to be a messenger. A messenger for people who feel like myself, who feel lost, who feel like they can’t speak, feel like they have traumas,” Juni says, leading into an example, “ Like when I did ‘Just Being Me’ it was about finding yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. I didn’t realize it until later on in life, that I would try to look at myself in the mirror but I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. ‘Just Being Me’ was about that journey”.

Juni never wanted to perform just by himself, he is not a fan of rapping over a beat or his own lyrics on the stage, he sought to deliver an experience, which is why for a time in the past he performed with a band. As Juni’s music is not the average turn up club music he seeks an amazing atmosphere and a complete vibe to deliver his message, to really reach the people his music is meant for. He imagines candlelight sold out shows of his own, “ That’s really what I want to work towards, doing my own shows. When I did , ‘Save A lot Tuesdays’, to raise money for my friend who was now quadropalgic, I ended up bringing out more than 500 people so I know I can do something and that was my first event I ever did.”

In the coming months, keep an eye out for this mover and shaker @juniblueeyez, this is one artist who has something to say, a story to tell, and the experience to make it happen. 

Written By: Writerreyes

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