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Are YOU under construction? Do you have a passion, a purpose you are fighting for others to see?
Stand up and display YOUR GIFT- show the world- Share YOUR STORY- be NAKED and VISIBLE

Don’t you think most people have a story? That most of us want to make a difference, to mark history in our own little way but don’t know how or need a step up? I think YOU are one of them. YOU have a passion that you are chasing, a skill to DISPLAY, and a story to tell about the struggles you have overcome and are still facing. There are alot of untold stories and experiences that could make a difference in other peoples lives. People out there facing similar every day challenges. Do you have a PASSION, a TALENT, or a DREAM that you have always wanted to make your reality but need to get known?
How many people want to be cultured but don’t have a way to do so?

I’m starving to make a difference. I’m starving to have a voice. Aren’t you?

Everyone wants to be someone, to leave their mark. We all want to be significant and not just another one. We all have different preceptions of what that means, and how to do it. But we all have someone we relate to. And it feels good when we do. It feels good to know not only have others overcome but to know how they are facing those same struggles daily, just like you. To be in the moment of struggle and glory all at once, and NOT alone.

Someone told me when a story is real and it relates to alot of people it makes a difference. Why? Cause it makes us feel like we aren’t alone and if someone like us, that has faced a similar situation can conquer, so can you. Not only will I give you a VOICE and someone to relate to, I will give you many someones who SHARE YOUR STORY. I will give you a platform to make that future. You just have to work hard. That step cannot be skipped no matter who you are.

When I got this idea to tell people’s stories, To be ORIGINAL, to do something different my friend encouraged me. He said you can do it. You have to find a way. Start somewhere. And know I believe in you. Wow. How POWERFUL. How needed. Now let me do that for you. What’s your story? Let’s chase your dreams.

cropped-untitled-1-of-511.jpgVisionary – a name given to successful people who were wise enough not to listen when they were called delusional See Also : Genius

“Our downfall is that we believe the photos people pose for, actually captures this
happiness, happiness that we long for. It is the same happiness that my mother used to force me to show when the photographer said “Say Cheese.” -Pierre Alex Jeanty

Gods timing is perfect and He has you just where he wants you. Trust the process and work hard. If you feel stuck…move.

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