110% Or Nothing At All

Do everything 110%, or else what is the point in doing it at all? This from a highschool basketball coach preaching at his young team girls; full of emotion, instability and doubt. Why decide to do an action, experience a moment, or follow throrough with a goal unless you are going to invest everything you... Continue Reading →

Failure<Goals 🙄

Have you ever let the fear of failure stop you from doing something?•If you said no then you should definitely consider teaching a class😅. I feel we’ve all experienced a dose of this in life and frankly it sucks because the unknown can be so intriguing. You find out loads about yourself in situations where... Continue Reading →

Working Through the Stuck

I am pain.the crackle of soreness in my joints.The echo of the end. Take a step.the movement forward makes the goal.The lack of is misery. To emphasize my breath.my drive to soar higher and larger than life.A nessecity unquestioned. Some days writing is harder then ever. Creating is harder than anything ever imagined. Despite natural... Continue Reading →

Meet Jeremiah and Chael

Chael "We want to be consistent and firm, but also spontaneous so we have any song ready to go at all times, so that at any moment, you can get a performance." The clang of two folding chairs banged back to back rattles the audience. A mic stand is placed and adjusted in front of... Continue Reading →

My Alone

Write the story like good sex, with all the build up, arousal, and crescendo, than climax. Inside all of us we have so many conflicting thoughts,feelings, and beliefs. How many of us like alone time? Like to sit and contemplate our days? If we have the time that is. Even if its laying in bed... Continue Reading →

5 Minutes

All of us have something to say. It's just that simple. Whether its a joke, a story about an experience they had, or just a quirky comment on a popular TV show. Often people want to share knowledge or an idea, and more often still the other people don't give a shit. You have to... Continue Reading →

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