1.25 million die yearly from car accidents 3,287 die daily from car accidents 40% fatalities occur around stop signs and traffic signals If only people would use their signals, inflections graced upon us from the One most High. To show others what moves they had in mind, maybe there would be less pain and better lessons learned this way. These are just a few of the thoughts I have had this day. I just wish signals were used, clicked and flashed instead of actions repeatedly rash, it would help so much from keeping us looking back at the past.

If I die today, How many unwritten poems Will die with me? Will the words I won't speak Bounce between these walls, Locked up in this box I call a body? Or will they fly away until they find another host? Will they reach those Who need to hear them? @juanspeaks

Beautiful Me

I just want to feel beauty. I love the whisper of silk against skin with secrets all it's own. Or the soft vibrancy of velvet tickling the senses. The soft hunting of lace, feminine and haunting, just framing all my pretty little edges. Or just simple cotton, to relax and not question that it's just a piece of all I can be.

Ride Or Die

And I'm caught up in you, the life and death that you are. So if you are death and I am life , I know what death is more than others, because it is the opposite of me, it is the end, while I am always beginning. I must breathe to fight for life, and so when death asked life to marry him , how does he know how to respond when she says I will try to give you life and hope, even if its pointless, because it is not in me to be anything else...


Sometimes I miss my yesterdays I miss the pain because it is familiar And even tho it hurt, I know how to treat the wounds Now instead I have scars And open holes for new potential but for the thorns living in my heart, growing long and dangerous to defend from the pain making it... Continue Reading →


They tell you all it takes is hard work. But everyone of us knows that ain't the truth. At least not all of it. Life takes so many things from your being, and every experiences creates a new you. Attitude. You have to have it in spades. To have the positivity to know no matter... Continue Reading →

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