Featured Artist: Jasmin (Dazzling Treasures)

Princess Jasmine shares her Shine with Handmade, Custom Dazzling Treasures


Jasmin has the precious jewels, her setup entices the eye, drawing in passersby. Dazzling Treasures creator says she bought tiny lights, in addition to several fake diamonds placed strategically over the table, specifically for effect and has succeeded phenomally, as she has with her entire endeavor.

A long table draped by a purple cloth is drenched with glittering treasures, still unknown from a distance. Slow steps, taking in the scene, one after another, as the embellished creations come into view. Earring racks full of hoops with pendants of every kind, long tassels of strong vibrant pastels line another. While mannikin necks, hands, and arms, display a sparkling array of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, twisted artistically to create what is made to enhance. A beautiful woman stands beside this brilliant merchandise, the scene entrancing and dazzling to the soul, beckoning forth just for a taste, a sampling, a need to gorge on the beautiful crafted wares and become a dazzling treasure yourself.



St. Petersburg resident, Jasmin Rosario, hand styles and designs fashion accessories, and is sole owner of “Dazzling Treasures”. The concept and basics of this new business was birthed at the end of 2017 and then launched Jan 1st, 2018. Jasmin started out with creating long tassel earrings, then moved on to organize how many different styles she wanted to create, the price of each set/design, and where she was going to sell her new enterprise.

From the start Jasmin aimed for lightweight styles, envisioning different designs of long and pretty. She mentions some of the earring designs including charms such as an evil eye along with several others. Miss Rosario followed her well thought out plan, investing in herself and her dream by purchasing her thread, earring hooks, and jewelry tools on amazon for the best prices on the market.

Jasmin says, ” My goal is to do this full time. But I started this because it was fun and then got excited when I saw people were actually supporting my art. Still I’m not in any rush, because I am still learning everything. I am doing this on my own, creating different content, and have more recently been working on custom requested pieces. But I still don’t know a lot about business, but I am definitely learning and going through the process.”

Jasmin is taking her personal hobby and budding business step by step, researching according to the requirements of each situation she comes across embodying sayings that emphasize the importance of “the pursuit of happiness” as much as the end goal. The square app for processing debit cards is just one more aspect she learned as she has progressed. She also takes Paypal and Cashapp, she realized quickly she needed to be open to different methods of receiving the income based on the client’s payment method.

Often when creating custom pieces, she receives images from the client of other designs and together they brainstorm a dazzling item which will suit what they are looking for. Dazzling Treasure’s Jasmin is not afraid to tell someone if something is too advanced for her current skill but works with the client until she has created a piece equal to their expectations. Jasmin says, “When I have a custom order that pushes me. I know I have someone who is depending and waiting on this piece. Especially if they gave me a deposit or are wanting it by a certain time or for a specific event.”

An example of custom work Jasmin has improved was a friend’s set of rings she had a habit of frequently wearing together. Her friend requested for the rings to be made into one piece for convenience which Jasmin was able to do while also enhancing the design. This inspired Dazzling Treasures Goddess collection which includes earrings, arms cuffs, ring, and necklaces embedded with healing stones such as rose quartz and tiger eye. Dazzling Treasures Tasseled Earrings                                   Goddess Jewelry

Diving in for a deeper look into what makes Dazzling Treasures originator tick we find she enjoys helping and teaching the youth. Motivating others to become the best versions of themselves and to water their gifts. Jasmin reminisces about playing school and filling the role of teacher as a young girl.  She currently follows several 90’s style fashion Instagram pages which inspire many of her ideas, intrigued by Versace and Coco Chanel designs.

Dazzling Treasures creator speaks on hardships she has overcome including 2 deaths which occurred back to back. Her 5-Year-old nephew and her brother (her nephew’s 23-year-old father) who committed suicide shortly afterwards. For a long time, Jasmin was very depressed by these losses and had a hard time understanding what life’s purpose was.  As time passed the sadness that saturated Jasmin’s soul weighed so heavily, she was ready to overcome the negative feelings, needing something more. She began to climb out of her depression by attending church with her sister and progressed by serving and giving to others while she felt no point to her own life. She began volunteering in activities such as feeding the homeless, and giving back in other small ways, “Feeding them was like feeding my soul. Then I started volunteering in the preschool, giving even more to others. It gave me a purpose again.” Now Jasmin states her ideal happiness would be to free.  Free from corporate jobs, doing what she loves to do at a suitable pace, where she isn’t pressed for time but can create without perimeters and on her terms.

Dazzling Treasures recommendations for others pursuing personal creative business’ include social media presence with consistent posts but to be cautious of becoming too overwhelming, keeping any drafts or rough copies, pieces that seem unsuccessful can be recycled or may be edited or improved upon later, Jasmin emphasizes, “Don’t doubt yourself. Be consistent and Don’t throw anything away!”

Experience is key, and Jasmin displays this reality as she improves the quality of her work. She mentions how she started with one kind of jewelry wire which broke much more easily than new wire she has found which is more durable and still flexible. She has tools for setting different people’s ring sizes.

Jasmin’s craft has grown to include creative body jewelry including thongs with chains threaded with pretty little charms or custom words, a shirt with the center cut accordingly to be replaced with slim, sexy chains that enhance the wearer’s body to “dazzle”. Pun intended. Jasmin says if she is creating one of her sample pieces she has already created and displayed, her experience makes it so she can create items such as rings or earrings in as little as 5-15 minutes, while custom jewelry creations vary between one to several hours.

Letting us in on a personal gem Jasmin admits her advertising photo shoots over the last 2 years each had at least one of the actual outfits being handmade. This dazzling designer has an exciting future ahead. Dazzling Treasures is one business you will need on your radar if you plan on making a statement at any event. “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”, Michael Kors.


Dazzling Treasures has been known to frequent SmokenWords, The Woman Up Network, dancing events, Blunch Florida, and fashion shows. She can be found at events 1-2 times monthly, so keep supporting local events and artists with fingers crossed for the chance to come across her fabulous, glittering spread. https://dazzlingtreasures.net/


Written By:@writerreyes



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