Sapiosexual Shena Samone seduces Loud on 7th

Shena Samone shifts the mood in the second performance of the Loud on 7th’s Festival event Soul on Fire, by seducing the crowd with her personal singles, “Higher”, “Consumption”, “Sapiosexual”, and “Demons”. Her set is a whole mood, with dim lights and a sultry voice to bring goosebumps trailing up and down your spine as... Continue Reading →

Face goals, Fight Weight, Steps to Becoming the next Queen Bee: Ra’chel

Ra’chel’s forte is singing, with her strengths resonating through in R&B and soul, while occasionally dipping a few toes into the world of rap. Overall, her voice demands high notes and melodies that will showcase the angelic bells her voice replicates. Sex and love are something everyone can relate to and when delivered with her show stopping voice it becomes a story infused into the mind, ringing with notes intwined with words which Ra’chel has brought to life and will take rest only, in between her audience’s thoughts, until she is like a craving, needing to hear her next song.

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