“I Pick Me & World Peace” WillyFlee motivates Loud on 7th

Multi generational, multi genre, dancing, producing, clothing designing artist Willy Flee, serves Loud on 7th’s Soul on Fire event with classy moves and new twists, controlling every beat of your heart from the slow dance of falling in love to the quickened pace of the dangerously, enticing road of sudden seduction. Performing ‘Pink’ and ‘You... Continue Reading →

So Smoove, Seductive Raw, Soul:Zay Smoove

Lights twinkle off and on throughout the spacious room, illuminating corners and hidden delights, talents of every kind, the overhead light is out so each moment can be accentuated. Emphasized by the smokey soul music, the slow glide of musical notes sliding over your skin, moving to bump with your inner soul as this man... Continue Reading →

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