Real Friends Breed Family, Breeds Rising Star Kia Shaw

Can you smell the sweet, fruity headiness that clings to the air? Can you feel the tingle along your skin at the nearness of greatness, of such simple beauty because it is extravagantly itself? 

People love flowers for their array of colors, textures, shapes and fragrances, and so fans are falling in love with Kia Shaw left and right as she dances, sings and models. A shiny decoration in a group of musical talents, but shining bright to illuminate all she touches, to highlight others gifts and magnify her own. It’s all natural, with the coaxing of artistic family vibes, we will watch this Queen come to rise. 

Kia wishes “ I would love to spend 1 week working on modeling, and than 1 week I work on acting, and 1 week singing, but the way things are set up I can’t really do that; because the opportunities just come, and when they come, I am just like okay, well, I have to practice on this now. So I guess I focus based on what’s necessary at the moment”. Kia is freelancing with her acting and modeling currently, she often books through IMDb and Backstage, as well as networking through social media. For her singing and dancing Kia works with Slater (@slater.colt), manager for LCD Entertainment. 

Kia gives an inside look to her first and only released single “High Tide”, which is about her heartbreaking breakup in 2020 that shattered the old version of her and left room for her to find love within herself. The song takes you through the ups and downs in a relationship and learning how to ride the waves, but more importantly about her journey of finding herself at the end, and the unique happiness that she has found in this peace. Kia says, “One of the lyrics in my song says ‘I am the prize’ and I am the prize. I am beyond happy to live life and be where I am. I think you need to know who you are because if you don’t, you are going to be searching for that in the other person and that’s a relationship killer. I know it’s a killer, because I have done it time and time again, and I am learning the more I get to know myself, I understand what I need, no, what I want from someone else, I don’t need anything because I love myself now. You should not be expecting something from somebody else that you can’t even give to yourself”. 

Kia has dreamed of being an entertainer since 3 years old, singing Cheetah girls in the mirror “ You gotta strut like you mean it”. Kia spent her childhood performing in many pageants, completely supported by her family who were deeply rooted in the church. In highschool Kia stepped up her acting skills and soon found herself invited to California for more entertainment opportunities. Her father moved with her across the country to follow Kia’s dream. They lived in California for a year, until Kia’s father’s dream became possible and a pastoring opportunity became available in Florida, and they moved back to be with the rest of her family and moved to Wesley Chapel. Kia got lost in life; wrong choices, and just experiencing everything and anything she was dealt, learning the ropes of relationships and so much more up until LCD.

One terrible night, storm clouds crowded the skies, and rain and pain was thick in the air, when a loud ding rang through Kia’s phone. Her heart shattered by a recent breakup, her world crashing beneath her feet, and when one door closes, another opens.  In October of 2020, Nani’s (@n4ni4real) choreographer reached out to Kia to be a dancer in the video for his song Prohibido, unreleased.  In December of 2020, Kia came to the first LCD Entertainment meeting and met the inspiring, reality checking, good humored talented group. As Kia came on as a dancer the group had to coax her vocal talents out of her, and boy are we glad they did! This girl has a voice like bells on a late fall night, with the ability to fire you up with the energy she emits, her constant movements as she dances keeping fans entranced, as chills skip down your back because time has frozen and dreams swim before your eyes, coaxed by this wee, beautiful, budding talent.

“I came to more and more meetings until one day it just felt right. One day I just decided I really want him to be my manager. It was definitely an internal struggle for me to get to the point of making Slater my manager, because I am very protective of myself, and I lived and did business like acting and modeling in California, so should I settle? But his heart sold me, his heart is in it, even if he doesn’t have all the connections I could get in Cali right now, like even if he is just starting up, we, the whole group is just starting up, his heart is like the most pure thing and that’s what got me. This has been one of the best choices for me, I’m still learning about myself but I think I’ve learned more about myself in this last year, than the whole rest of my life,” Kia says with soul. 

LCD Entertainment is a honeypot of talents, where artists of all different skills can dive deeper into each of their talents while pushing each other to be better individually as well as, as a collective. Nothing to do or when sudden inspiration stings; rather than only timed meetings, this music group is constantly available through Slater’s headquarters where you can find a few, if not all of the artists working on this month’s project, and they all have their own, but together they are growing. “I see these people almost every day of my life! Being in the group is all inclusive, anything that you are good at, even something you want to dabble in that you aren’t great at yet, they will help you work on it.When I joined the group I wasn’t in the best mindspace, now it’s been almost a year since I have been in the group, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am in such a better headspace, my artistry, girllll, let me tell you, music is not my strong point, acting and modeling is. I love music but it’s not like my strongest thing, so I do struggle now and again with my artistry but ever since December when I started I have grown so much. Everyone in the group has helped me, every single one individually. They are just so supportive, that’s all I could ever really ask for. They help me with my melodies, they help me with my lyrics, anything I need help with I can put in the group chat, and it’s like instant support and answers. We are a family”.

When LCD Entertainment has show bookings, they each decide what songs they would like to perform, discussing performance tactics with the helpful flavoring of constructive criticism and adding creative spice to ideas to amplify one another’s creative minds and vice versa.  PRACTICE MODE ACTIVATED! The group comes together often, once the set list is completed; rehearsing each of the songs more than 5 times each, the group runs through lighting, runs through every nuance of their creative vision from top to bottom, skimming for bugs, straining for perfection, and finding it as the sweet Kia sings. 

Rubbandshan also has an unreleased song Top Ramiin and Kia featured on called “East Side”. “I work with @Rubbabandshan the most, because when I joined the group, I came on as a dancer. Shan picked that up and was like, ‘I want to dance, I want to choreograph; so for her song ‘This Feeling’, I choreographed and danced with her. I dance a lot with Shan when she sings, so now when people see her they expect me, because I am always with her. The little girl that dances.” Kia is a shy girl but once she gets on stage, the world is truely her oyster. While eye contact with the crowd is not a strength, the power of her performance and natural talent that she displays will steal your heart all by itself. Stay Tuned for more on this amazing, sweet talent @kshh_0506 and the array of delights LCD Entertainment @LCD_entertainment  brings. 

Written By: Writerreyes

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