Beautiful Me

Honestly I enjoy being beautiful. I don’t do it for the likes. I don’t do it to pull at the desires of men. I don’t do it to rebel against my parents or my heritage. I just enjoy being me and in reveling my natural beauty. For me. To appeal to my eyes. To give myself a boost when inside I feel so low. To remind myself every time I look in a photograph that I’m a boss on the inside and out.

I just want to feel beauty, I love the whisper of silk against the skin with secrets all its own. Or the soft vibrancy of velvet tickling at the senses. The soft hinting of lace, feminine and haunting, just framing all my pretty little edges. Or just simple cotton, to relax and not question that its just a piece of all I can be.

I enjoy the sparkle of eyes echoing a smile, that is curving my lips and rounding my high cheeks to reflect joy or deep pleasure. I need to see that pretty little dark side that stares out so longingly from under thick eye lashes, a veil to the soul but an asset to the outside view. A icing
That hard look, or sorrowful eyes wide and open or cold and unmoving.

Reflecting their own beauty each

Honestly I enjoy the shine, the ability to make heads turn, just because I glow. And people don’t look because of what you wear, they look because of the way you walk..the way you talk. The way your inner beauty is so outwardly a uniqueness that most wish to have

That they long to have. Who doesn’t want to shine? But I like watching me shine better than that because when I glow its more reassurance that I have purpose and I can love. Can be loved. What else could be more desirable? Why should I resent beauty if I have it?

Do we not praise flowers for their soft petals and radiant colors, for their unique shapes? Do we not breed animals in order to create creatures more amazing than we have yet seen to meet a certain pleasure of outward physique, to create a look that is ideal and appealing? Do we not cherish the green of the rolling hills and the chill of the bright snowy mountain tops, the varying shades of blue depending on the ocean stared upon? So why should I not love my outward beauty, my petals, as much as my in? Why can’t I do it for me?

The spread of magenta powder across my eyelids is for me. The 4inch heels that bring out all my curves just right is for me. The form fitting dress flattering my womanly figure and softening my edge, with its perfect fabric, is for me. My shiny coils of golden brown hair delicately arranged around my face to entice, is for me. Don’t double guess the way I am, accept me and know I do it for me, not just for all those who look at me. I feel beautiful for me.

Written By: Writerreyes

Photographed By: @wandering_eyez

Model : @isabelterrero_

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