Ride Or Die

You come seeking everything.
You want my heart, body, mind, and soul.
And you say you are different.
You want a legacy, you want what you never had.
You seek it, You risk it.
But you are afraid.
I can feel my soul pulling at yours, I can feel how perfectly we align
How you make me feel completely alive
Like with you I can finally be who I am supposed to be
But on my own, me coming to you, because I want you, and not because you demand it
And I know you don’t know any other way
And I know you want it, but can’t understand it
I know you feel what I feel when we look through one anothers eyes, as if peering into each others souls
I know you feel that connection, that rightness, that feeling like you belong
But you are determined that your past will cause your future, or lack of
You have been so pained, so wronged, endured so much
And yet deep down you are so good, but this cold world has turned you so bad
All you see is your black heart
Isn’t interesting that the black is attracted to the white?
My heart is pure, I am good to core of my being
I long to relish in negative emotion, and anger, and the desire to have my way
But it has never given me satisfaction, never filled the voids
They only gape wider
So I turn to God, the creator, the superior, and I ask if I am not to be full of this evil
What do you want from me?
And feel the openness shrink just a bit, a little at a time
When I make someone else smile, when I make a positive impact in their lives
When I write, and make people feel, and think, and be different, away from what they know
So is my order to love, and to give, no matter what it cost me?
Love is pain, its just deciding whether its worth it
I know you see it as weakness
And clearly you’ve been betrayed
But it is my strength and who I have become
I am love and pain and endurance
I don’t want to get back up when it tears me down
the pain is agony, searing scars in every crevice, one by one
But I can’t stay down, I am greater, I have been created for more
I must have hope or I must die
You live your life on the edge, staring death in its cold hard pitiless eyes, challenging it
You see it’s shadow, close to your own, so sometimes you wonder if your time has come
But you cannot stop being what you’ve been made by circumstance
And you prove that experiences make a person, every little moment affects life
And so, you demand everything because you know at anytime you could have nothing
You don’t live by rules, but create and rise above them, clever and just a step ahead
You are free and caged
You make me sad and overjoyed
And I’m caught up in you, the life and death that you are
So if you are death and I am life , I know what death is more than others, because it is the opposite of me, it is the end, while I am always beginning
I must breathe to fight for life, and so when death asked life to marry him
how does he know how to respond when she says I will try to give you life and hope, even if its pointless, because it is not in me to be anything else, and that’s why you chose me
Because the death that you are, you want to believe in life, you want to feel love, it’s just not who you are
Your different
We are different
And yet we are perfect, you just have to give it a chance
You have to let my softness caress your harshness, let me touch you like you haven’t been touched
Let me love you in such a way that you don’t have to ask
But you know it, you know what you are to me, without a question
You know like you know who you are, and what will be your story,ending, impact
I am going to ride in life or die
I am ride or die

Written By: Writerreyes

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