NwClr Brings Grown & Sexy to Loud on 7th

Jack of all, master of none, caring for his family by day, and singing smooth rhymes into the night, NwClr (pronounced New Color) made his Tampa Bay debut at Loud on 7th’s annual music festival 2021. NwColor originating from Midtown in Connecticut,  writes music, plays drums, and produces, but brings the Soul on Fire event slow and sexy, new singles, ‘Super Fine’, ‘Getting it On’, and ‘Right Here’, available on all streaming platforms. NwClr talks about performing at Loud on 7th, “I’m excited to perform for Loud on 7th, I haven’t performed in Tampa before, I have just been home working on my music, putting it online and getting feedback, so this is like my coming out party. Time to see how people really feel about it.”

NwClr’s music throws it back to the real, old school R&B.  Backing away from pop cultures popular themes of money and uncommitted sex; street “hoes” and partying with fast life expectations, and instead reminds of what real love sounds like, feels like. NwClr slows down the world and seduces as only a gentleman would. His songs and voice taking you through late citynights, with rain soaked streets and opaque street lights highlighting and freezing each moment into memories that will be captured forever. Smokey clubs and expensive glassware or soft sheets, silky as the voice which glides through the air over the lit candles which fill every surface throughout the dimly lit bedroom turned lovenest;

NwClr’s music is the new sound with old school, love vibe you have been looking for. “I just have a huge passion for music, I have been in it for so long, and than my daughter; I just want to show her, if you have a mustard seed of faith and you believe in your dreams, keep going!” NwClr emphasizes as he speaks about his inspirations. For more music for the grown and sexy, follow this new R&B artist’s journey at @newclrmusic.

Performance Video

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: BlessedSerenity_

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